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95% Silk 5% Stretch

Our Silk95Five wears & washes better than any other silk you've had in your wardrobe. Intended to last a lifetime, our silk has been carefully engineered to not only withstand multiple washes, but actually thrive in water. 


Machine Washing

We've made it easy for you! Your silk can be dropped right into the washer machine on the delicate cycle, right at home. We recommend using a light amount of a mild detergent & a turning your garment inside out; when possible, use a wash bag to avoid snagging. 

Hand Washing 

Perfect for a quick refresh or a deep clean; your Silk95Five washes wonderfully in a tub of warm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Submerge your garment & lightly rub the fabric together in those areas that need a little extra attention. For a deeper clean, let your garment soak for 15 minutes before removing.

Drying in 4hrs or less

Shake out your Silk95Five when removing from water and allow it to reshape naturally in your hands. Avoiding wringing as it may stretch & add unnecessary wrinkles. 

Lay flat or hang to dry. For thinner strap garments, we recommend lay-flat only to avoid elongating the straps. 

Within just 4hrs your garment will be ready to wear! The natural dry will allow for fine wrinkles, perfect for a casual look. 

Wrinkle Release 

For a more perfected look, iron on low or steam and your garment will be ready in minutes! The 5% Stretch gives your Silk95Five the ability to un-wrinkle faster than imaginable. 

Avoid the Dryer 

The beautiful thing about your Silk95Five is that it's made of 5% stretch, making it easier to wear & care for. But that means that if you put it in the dryer when it's wet, the stretch will slowly wear-away. The ONLY time we find it fit to throw your garment in the dryer is when it is 100% dry and you need a quick 5 minute wrinkle release. 


Have more questions? Email us directly - we'd love to hear from you! 

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