Care Instructions Original

Our silk thrives in water...

Hand Wash

  • In a tub or basin,  prepare the water at cool temperature with minimum detergent, evenly distributed.
  • Submerge your Nouvelle piece and 'dip-dip' or soak for 15 minutes if it needs more cleaning time.
  • Rinse clean with plenty of water.
  • Lightly pat dry or shake the water off.  To avoid unnecessary creasing-avoid wringing or squeezing.
  • Hang or flat dry for a casual look.  Steam/iron for a more polished look.





Machine Wash

  • Prepare the cool water with only a splash of detergent.
  • Turn the piece inside out.  Or use a  washing bag or pillowcase to protect it.
  • A delicate cycle is preferred with a low spin setting.
  • Take it out of the machine as soon as the cycle is complete to avoid wrinkling.  
  • Hang or flat dry for a casual or at-home look.
  • Steam/iron for a more polished look.
    • After hand washing or machine washing, make sure to "shake it to shape it" before you lay it flat or hang dry. This not only avoids unnecessary folds, but also assists with a speedier dry time. 
    • Hang dry on an eco-friendly hanger or use pegs for outside.   
    All our shirts and pants dry within 4 hours indoors and it may have a fine wrinkle associated with natural fabric. Montenegro dries the quickest at around 3 hours!
    We recommend that you lay our Zanzi camisole, Verona sundress and Venus slip dress flat to dry to avoid stretching the delicate straps.
    • In a hurry- dress and go.
    • Have time- steam or iron on medium heat to enhance the fiber's beautiful lustre.


    Dry Clean
    • If you must