Care Instructions

Our silk thrives in water...

Hand Wash

  • In a tub basin prepare the water at cool temperature with minimum detergent, evenly distributed.
  • Submerge your Nouvelle piece and dip-dip or soak for 15 minutes if it needs more cleaning time.
  • Rinse clean with plenty of water.
  • Lightly pat dry or shake the water off.  To avoid unnecessary creasing-avoid wringing or squeezing.
  • Hang flat dry and go for a casual look or steam/iron for a more polished look.
Machine Wash
  • Prepare the cool water with a splash of detergent.
  • Turn the piece inside out.  Use a washing bag or pillow case to protect the delicate fibers.
  • A delicate cycle is preferred on a low spin setting.
  • Take it out of the machine as soon as cycle is complete to avoid wrinkling.  Shake it, shape it and lay it flat or hang.  Note: the delicate straps of camisoles may stretch when hung.
  • In a hurry- dress and go or steam to enhance the fiber's beautiful lustre.
Dry Clean