About Nouvelle

The casual sophistication of wintering in Palm Beach is epitomized in Nouvelle's quietly elegant styles.  Our signature stretch Silk95Five is exclusively developed for easy care travel and wear.  Sensual and feather light to touch, silk keeps the body warm on cooler days and cool when it warms up.

Nouvelle's collections captures that moment when you feel the best, radiate confidence and absorb the beauty of your surroundings while wearing sensual styles in beautiful stretch silks that drape soulfully and flow elegantly with seductive sophistication.

In 2014, Nouvelle launched it's latest creation, the Kimini, your 4-in-1 fashion chic accessory. The Kimini was born out of necessity. Joanne needed a chic fashion accessory for travel that could ward off indoor chills at restaurants, movie theaters, and airports.  She also lived and traveled in areas where the climate could suddenly drop, or the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature could be a shocking 30 degrees. The Kimini easily converts from a cocoon cardigan, to a poncho, an infinity scarf and a skirt. It is available in array of colors and fabrics and is also sized to have all our girls covered.