Pallazzo Pants Noir

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This featured piece completes the look of a flowy subtle style synonymous with our collection.  Our Pallazzo pants are easy, yet sophisticated - the signature bottom to all our shirts, tops and camis.


  • 2” elasticized waist band
  • Flat front – single seam on inside
  • Straight leg
  • 9" rise
  • 32" inseam


Fit to size

Washable Stretch Silk


Casual sophistication in our trademarked washable stretch silk.

Our Story

Nouvelle’s fabric and styling is a reflection of Palm Beach itself, rooted in casual sophistication. Notably elegant yet timeless, Nouvelle’s silhouettes embody the luxury resort lifestyle that is so quintessentially Palm Beach. What began as a love for resort design and style has now made Nouvelle the authority in silk fabrication and fashion.

Our Styles

Our styles are renowned for their perfect fit – equally suited for an elegant day or evening occasion. Whether dressing for a sophisticated event, business casual meeting or evening affair, our styles complement a graceful yet understated lifestyle.

Our Fabric

Nouvelle’s stretch Silk95Five fabric was developed exclusively for the brand. It blends just a touch of elastin with pure silk for the ultimate in wear-ability and wash-ability. Sensual and feather-light to the touch, our Silk95Five fabric simply radiates in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors, custom dyed for each season.

Our Colors

Founder and designer Joanne Snodgrass exclaims, “We’re all about color!” Nouvelle Palm Beach is known for creating timeless styles in an assortment of neutral and gem-toned hues, which simply radiate in our stretch-silk fabric. Every collection features a new introduction of vibrant color ways, complementing the season. Our classic colors: Nouvelle White, Nude, Noir, Midnight Blue, Silver Lining, Fonce and Faded Denim ground every collection.

Inspired by her sense of adventure, reflected in her world travels and entrepreneurial spirit, Joanne Snodgrass founded her first company in South Africa, shortly after graduating from University. Her innovative product development and colorful designs, still selling today, sparked her career in luxury design.

Joanne decided to make the US her home 16 years ago.  Her sense of style and creativity was exemplified in her successful boutique, Via Pelle, in Dallas. She was honored by Fashion Group International (FGI) with the Rising Star Award, for retail in 2008.  It was during this time that she started designing her own collections that developed into her line, Nouvelle Palm Beach, launched in 2013 after moving to Florida. 

Nouvelle has evolved from a resort print collection in 100% silk to a contemporary collection created in her trademarked washable stretch "Silk95Five" fabric. The focus is on shirts, tops, and pants in a myriad of colors, carefully curated to encapsulate the casual sophistication of a luxury lifestyle. Joanne won the coveted 2018 Contemporary Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week after grueling 4-month fashion bootcamp, culminating in the brand being worn on popular TV shows.

Since the launch of Silk95Five, Nouvelle has expanded to over 300 of the finest boutiques stateside.  In 2020, we launched in France showing at Who's Next and are now selling to top French and Italian stores.  The European launch has also brought attention to the sustainable element of Silk95Five as featured in Luxiders Magazine about the fact that we implement a holistic plan for sustainability through the guidelines of the circular fashion systems approach. 

“Creating Nouvelle melds my passion for fine silk, color and a casual sophisticated aesthetic.  I am delighted how the brand is loved by so many great retailers”, says Joanne.




Silk is commonly considered to be the queen of all fabrics because of its outstanding beauty, but many people don’t know these remarkable silk facts:


What is ‘Silk95Five’?

‘Silk95Five,’ the proprietary blend of weaving pure silk with elastane, is a perfect combination to enhance the radiant and featherlight feel of silk, with added benefits of stretch for comfort and easy-to-take-care-of features including at home washing and wrinkle resistance. Our silk is a trademarked, washable stretch ‘Silk95Five’. It blends just a touch of elastane with pure silk for the ultimate in wear-ability. Sensual and elegant, it radiates in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors, custom dyed for each season. Ideal for those who travel, our silk is made to curb wrinkling and ensure lightweight packing.


Benefits of ‘Silk95Five’

◦Clean and natural silk supports the purpose within our philosophy of environmentally friendly fabric
◦Enhancing the beautiful qualities of traditional silk, by adding stretch for comfort
◦Featherlight to the touch and breathable as it cools the body on warm days and offers sustainability
◦ Perfect weight to keep the body warm when it gets cooler, for a seamless year-round essential
◦Luxurious flowing drape and wrinkle resistant
◦Hypo-allergenic and a negative carbon footprint
◦Silk is the strongest natural fiber known to man
◦Unmatched Moisture wicking component as it is a natural fabric

Why ‘Silk95Five’?

Traditional silk has many outstanding qualities of beauty and touch. ‘Silk95Five’ was developed, keeping the best qualities of silk but adding stretch and wash-ability, offering an eco-friendly luxury product. Sought after for its fluid sophistication with a soft drape, ‘Silk95Five’ is the perfect alternative to traditional silk.

‘Nothing compares to the touch of ‘Silk95Five’ to the skin...’