Curated Silk Ensemble

Since the launch of our trademarked fabric, the aesthetic has been casual sophistication and all-year round pieces that one can wear year after year.  Investing in quality, in beauty to ensconce one in, in pieces that are sustainable matter now more than ever.  Most importantly, with the health concerns going forward, we want to wear items that are specially created for easy at-home care.  Our silk has been specially developed for this.

Here is how it works:

Email me your size and a couple of your favorite style names from the website to or call 561-557-1081.  Based on this I will put pieces together for you to try.  Call, Zoom or Facetime with me to discuss looks and share tips. Keep those you love and return those you do not in 72 hours.  We pay for shipping both ways.  All we need is a CC on file and address to ship to.