Joanne Snodgrass

Designer/CEO Nouvelle and Kimini


Inspired by her sense of adventure, reflected in her world travels and entrepreneurial spirit, Joanne Snodgrass founded her first company, Star Paper Products, a designer stationery manufacturer in South Africa, shortly after graduating from University.  Her innovative product development still remains the driving force of the company's success.

Joanne decided to make the US her home 15 years ago.  Her sense of style and creativity was exemplified in her boutique, Via Pelle, in Dallas.  She was honored by Fashion Group International (FGI) with the Rising Star Award, for retail in 2008.  It was during this time that Joanne started designing her own collections that developed into her line, Nouvelle Resort Apparel and Accessories, which launched in 2012 after moving to Florida.  Many resorts including the Biltmore, Seagate Hotel & Spa, Lowes and The Ritz Carlton carry Nouvelle. 

Nouvelle has evolved from a resort print collection on 100% silk ( notably the black dahlia ponchos, drawstring pants and Portofino slip dresses) to a contemporary collection created in her trademarked "Silk95Five" fabric.  The focus is on shirts in a myriad of colours, carefully curated to encapsulate the fun and sophistication of a Palm Beach lifestyle combined with season's favorites and classics.

In 2014,  Kimini was created out of the necessity to find a chic fashion accessory for travel, a great third piece to pair with a Nouvelle ensemble.  It melded Joanne's experience as a manufacturer and retailer where customers commonly asked for an item to cover their arms to wear when purchasing Nouvelle camisole tops.  Kimini was voted as "Today's Next Big in Fashion" on the Today Show in November of 2015.

For those living and traveling to destinations where the climate changes suddenly and where a 30 degree change in temperature from a lovely balmy outside to an icy air conditioned indoors is not uncommon.  Kimini is the perfect accessory and is selling through QVC, hospital gift stores and airport retailers as well as boutiques across the nation.

Since the launch of the Washable Stretch Silk trademark fabric, Nouvelle has expanded to over 200 of the finest boutiques nationwide.

Nouvelle continues to grow through our showrooms, Reeves & Co in both Dallas and Atlanta as well as Byrne Brand USA in Florida.