Why Every Wardrobe Needs Washable Silk

Our quintessential Palm Beach casual sophisticated brand is the ‘go to’ for the new world where so many of you have pivoted to a lifestyle of quality, comfort, and versatility. Those who are bringing silk into their daily lives for the first time might ask.

Won’t it be difficult to care for? Can a fabric so light and luxurious hold up as day-to-day wear? Its time to lay those old beliefs to rest! The Nouvelle brand of women’s washable silk blouses, pants and casual silk dresses are all made in its trademarked ‘Silk95Five’, washable by machine or hand. Our silk thrives in water and need only a tad of detergent, an important eco-friendly attribute. In fact, silk is one of the most ecologically friendly fabric available. Many fibers touted to be eco-friendly are made from unnatural components or require immense amounts of water in the manufacturing process.

Silk clothing also has high tensile strength making it the strongest fiber on earth, used in making parachutes, so quite obviously it would survive yoga or a brisk walk in the park. Moreover, the superior moisture wicking components of Silk95Five is designed to keep you cool and dry. The featherlight touch of our breathable silk traps allows a layer of air between your skin and fabric, keeping you cool, no matter the weather or activity.

So next time you head out for leisure or sport activities try our nude cami (also in 10 other colors) paired with Palazzo or Mara sports pants. You are in good company! Silk95Five has been worn by show jumpers and yogis.

Making silk even better: By adding stretch!

Silk has been around for thousands of years, and there is every reason for this long-lived love affair. Its beautiful qualities have now been enhanced by adding stretch for comfort to Silk95Five. In addition to the perfect weight, light enough but not too see-through, nor too heavy, it is designed to compliment all body types and lifestyles.

Already a Nouvelle fashion customer? Then you know that you elevate the room in your classic top-to toe ensembles with a Puna Halter and Amalfi Pants. Guaranteed that heads will turn as the light catches the prism-like fibers, creating that shimmering effect our silk is known for. Know that you can build on this wardrobe of silk as the Nouvelle brand offers year-round pieces enhance your lifestyle. A lifestyle with new awareness, where change has been accepted. Where new values of sustainability have been embraced to create a better plan for the future of the planet. Starting with making the choices of what we wear daily.

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