Silk95Five Sustainable Vision


For Nouvelle/Silk95Five, continued collaborative growth in the women’s luxury apparel industry begins with the foundation of our trademarked Silk95Five sustainable silk fabric.  Sustainability is and always has been the uninterrupted vision. Our quintessential Palm Beach casual sophisticated brand is therefore well positioned for the new world where so many are pivoting to a sustainable future of quality and seasonless fashion.

As our lifestyle brand and fabric has emerged and maintained its growth, the full circle of our product continues to be carefully incorporated into the concept of eco-friendly, versatile and long-lasting fashion. Developed into an even more methodical practice that threads though the entire life cycle process of raw material to procurement to repurposing, sustainability has always been forefront.  The Silk95Five philosophy with regards to offering our trademarked silks and private label to brands with customers in search of casual elegance, while encouraging the necessary balance and intersection of luxury with responsibility,  a cornerstone in all our decisions.

In the daily wear of our stretch fabric Silk95Five, which is one of the most durable and lasting fabrics available, the day to evening, work to play, and casual to dressy way of life perfectly describes our customer. Since silk is a natural fiber and thrives in water, washing is the easy care for an active lifestyle while at home or while on journey.  The feel of silk and the rich colors that are available every season encourage daily wear with other favorites in one’s wardrobe, and our passion for relational classic and seasonal hue palettes join past items and collections together.

Along with our commitment to devote full attention to our brand and its sustainability, we are inspired by the consumer and her needs and wants in today’s environment.  Accessibility, adaptability and availability are the industry’s demands and we are proud to offer this as part of our daily imprint.  Silk95Five is passionate about offering a product that is luxurious, beautiful and wearable.  We are equally passionate about real time responsibility as we continue to navigate the voyage of our lifestyle fabric and how it will continue to thrive, evolve and relate to the future of our world.

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