Our Silk Thrives in Water...

Our silk thrives in water...

With the extra time at home, hand washing (and swimming in) one’s favorite pieces can be calming and rewarding. I, like so many, find the ritual of cleaning gratifying, the touch of the foam brings an instant smile. Cleansing brings stillness of mind and then the instant enjoyment of the fresh smell of a clean shirt as you shake it to eliminate unnecessary creasing before you hang it out to dry. Feel a sense of accomplishment the next time you wear your self cared for garments.

Here is how we recommend washing our silk.

  • In a tub or basin, prepare the water at a cool temperature with only a tiny drop of detergent, evenly distributed.
  • Submerge your Nouvelle piece and 'dip-dip' or soak for 15 minutes if it needs more cleaning time.
  • Rinse clean with plenty of water. Remember Silk95Five thrives in water!
  • Lightly pat dry or shake the water off.  To avoid unnecessary creasing - avoid wringing or squeezing.
  • Hang or flat dry for a casual look.  
  • Steam/iron for a more polished look.

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