Online Partnership

Dear Nouvelle Friends,

Hoping that you and your family are staying healthy and strong at this time. We know that some of you are able to continue business online and wanted to reach out to partner with you. Here are some things we can do to help:

  • We can send photos of items you have available to promote on your website.
  • We can send photos of items that you may not have in stock for you to put on your website.
  • We can drop ship these to your customer at no charge to you or your customer. 
  • We are offering 20% off wholesale during this time for immediate shipping.

We recommend the Montenegro shirts, India shirts and Cami-Jami sets for easy washability, stretch and comfort. There is no better time to be covered in our amazing feeling silk - top to toe. The Milan blouse is selling very well as it has a beautiful neckline and covers the arms, making it popular for moms working from home juggling zoom for meetings and helping with homework or crafts.

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